Saturday, January 22, 2011

A little SPROUTS testimony

About 3 years ago I started learning about the supernatural powers of God. Mostly through the healing of our son Cooper that left me wanting more and since that day I have strived for more...More of God, more of His spirit in me and more of His signs around me I have prayed for all of these and seen them each. But as an adult I have a hard time sharing the supernatural side of God with other adults. They don't want to believe what is happening saying it was for "another time" "things like that only happened in the Bible". And other likewise comments. Well NONE of that is true with children. A brief recap in case you don't know. I teach children's ministry at my church on Sunday nights. Our little group is called SPROUTS because we haven't came into our full "bloom" yet! Anyway I have been teaching them about our supernatural God and His power for over a year now so what happened last Sunday night should not have surprised me but it did.

Our lesson was about the "Gift of the Holy Spirit." It was a wonderful lesson about how the Holy Spirit was Jesus' power and how it is ours to do as the Bible says all the things He did and even greater. We ended our lesson with a question..."Who wants to try out their power?!?!" Oh yes I went there with no less than 14 kiddos under the age of 10 and 3 other adults in the room looking at me like what have you gotten us in to. So I proceeded "Is anyone sick?" NOPE! I thought great. So I said "Does anyone hurt anywhere?" My daughter shyly said " I feel on the ice last week and my thigh is throbbing and has a huge ugly bruise on it." I knew of this fall and of this bruise that was rather nasty and I knew of the pain it had caused her all week. So we circled up around Jesse and laid hands on her. Then I climbed out on another limb the one that led me to say " Mrs. Hollie isn't going to do the praying so which one of you would like to?" Only a couple hands went up we had 2 volunteers to pray out loud Gracie and my son Duece. With others Chase, Alyssa and Emily joining to pray in their spirits. Gracie prayed out loud once then asked "Jesse how does it feel?" Jesse said it felt better but the bruise was still there so Gracie decided we needed to keep praying until the ugly mark disappeared. She prayed again and the bruise started to fade then prayed once more and the whole class began to see marked difference in the color!!! I was stunned by what God was doing through some kids. At the end I promised to keep them updated on Jesse's bruise improvement and as we dismissed we had children asking "can we do this at home," "can I use this to impact my life," and I even offered to take them on a "treasure hunt" to seek out others to pray for and unleash this new power. By Monday Jesse's bruise was faded even more and is completely gone now.

I guess after more than a year in children's ministry I was beginning to get burnt out and even considered giving up my SPROUTS. But this experience was a sign from God that He has me right where He wants me doing what He wants me to do. I am teaching children how to "bring heaven to earth!" Powerful right...I should never be amazed how God chooses to use those children, or myself, or that class even. Those kids sure do have big grown up dreams of all the things they can do with their power. I hope as time goes on and we see more fruit of this ministry I am able to share even more amazing testimony about what God is using these children to do!


  1. Cool! We have a "healing" team at our UMC (in Columbus Ohio) that has been doing this "hands on" healing - using Reiki methodology and energy healing for the past 6 years or so. Yes, it does work!

  2. That is so cool! Would you be willing to share this on the ARM Facebook page?

    May I share it with the staff?

    Pam D