Saturday, January 22, 2011

He has heard our cry

December 29, 2010 is a day I think I will NEVER forget. It was they day that Michael called home and told me that he was going to be out of work as of January 7. I was stunned and I have to admit a little angry. Being the wonderful husband he is he set out exploring other job options and I set out praying and asking other "prayer warriors" to join us in prayer. Michael was upset and felt like heaven couldn't hear his prayer leading me to cry out in ways I have never before in my life. Well, God heard our cry and Michael was given a job roughly 2 1/2 weeks after hearing the news. It was amazing what God was doing and since he had mountains of paper work and other "stuff" to work out before starting his new job we thought we would need something to tide us over but God provided even that some how the company Michael was currently working for that was about to close received enough work to keep going so much so Michael actually had to turn in and work out a two week notice. He starts his new job January 31. We know God opened a door but also some how was able to speed the process along softening the companies presidents heart enough that he took a chance on a "green horn" like Michael. Yes there was times that I thought it looked grim but a friend Lindsey had a prophetic word for our live (and I am paraphrasing here) she said " that whatever was coming in the future would be BETTER for us no matter how grim it appeared it was going to be something way better than what Michael currently had!" I was floored and I believe she was too.

I have told you all this to testify to God's goodness and the fact that HE is living and working even today in what we thought was a bad situation. God turned all things around and was faithful on ALL His promises to our family. I am at a lose of words to explain all the ways God's glory was and is shinning in this "change." Michael and I feel so blessed and loved up by our DADDY He had not forgotten us He herd our cry and He moved a mountain for us. We thank God for His many blessings and no matter what will continue to sing of His goodness all of our days. We are broken and humbled at His feet as He continues to pour His love all over us.

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