Friday, January 28, 2011

FEAR...Not anymore!

This morning I went back and was reading a blog post on a blog I read regular. It was about being vulnerable and about FEAR. And as she poured out her heart about all the times Daddy,Papa had delivered her from fear she began to speak to those reading that might be in fear...With out warning my eyes filled with tears as I realized I was full of fear. With today being Michael's last day at a job he has been at for almost 12 years and starting his new job on Monday we are a mix of emotions and worry as we embark on this change in our lives. Daddy,Papa has been faithful during this whole process and I know He wasn't going to leave us just now!

We were facing some really tough calls concerning alot of things ( and I wont bore you with the details). But the enemy had sent fear so I might be tempted to stop my praise of my Heavenly Daddy. As I sat listening to the praise music coming across my computer speakers I felt overwhelmed to pray for Daddy, Papa to deliver me from those chains of fear and bondage. And you know what He did...right there in my bedroom. I love how He ALWAYS shows up just when I need him and am calling on him. His presence filled the room and I was at peace with all the changes ahead and I was FREE FROM THAT FEAR!

My prayer:
Daddy I love you and thank you for all the many blessings you have poured out on our family. I know you have rich favor for each of us and I know you don't want me to be under any yoke other than yours. Please take my fear banishing the enemy break all those chains I have let Satan hold me in. Daddy hold me in your arms so I know I am yours and lead me where you should have me go during this time of decision making. Please forgive me for ever allowing Satan to hold on to me. And thank you for breaking me free. I LOVE YOU!!!

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