Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Content...Not for me!

Recently I took advantage of an opportunity to speak at our churches Saturday night service. The Sunday before I had made the comment that I didn't think "We (Christians) were created to be content." Now before you start posting scripture in my comments I know all about what the Bible says about being satisfied in the Lord and being content with what you have. As a matter of fact I shared several verses on both and I agree 100% with both concepts. What I meant when I said "we weren't created to be content" was....I don't think we were created to be quite pew warmers. God created us to be His hands and feet to do the things He did and "even greater". I don't know about you but I want to love on people and show them every thing that a relationship with the our Daddy above has to offer. I quoted our pastors wife when she said "we are intended to move from glory to glory" or from one experience with God onto the next. I don't want just a taste of what God has to offer (you know the I got my ticket I'm good way of thinking) I want more and more over and over flowing in me through me out to the world. No I don't think we were created to be content He created us to be in relationship with Him and relationships grow and change getting better and better. He wants us to be like Him!

This song really speaks to me. It is the theme song from the recently released Courageous titled the same Casting Crowns put to music the "resolution" the fathers of the movie take. But I got to thinking we were created to be courageous and not "watchers on the side lines". I am not content I want to see God move more and to do so I must be Courageous I have to move out of my seat way from my comfort zone and get to work. I pray that my relationship never grows stale and I never be content but always moving from "glory to glory."

We were created to be courageous...let's take back the fight. Let's be the warriors we were created to be.

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