Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sewing to save

I have decided to make both Jesse and Cooper's Easter outfits. I have been sewing for about a year now and my kids are wearing lots of things I have made them. At first I was sewing to be able "copy" some more expensive pieces I wanted for my kids. I am a fairly cheap person so you know I wanted the "look" for less! But considering the current state of our economy and the fact that it will not stop raining our income has been drastically reduced. So I have been sewing Cooper's John-Johns since last summer I can make him one for about $15 when one might cost around $40 in the stores. I have almost perfected the John-John to the point someone at church thought one of his was store bought:) HA I have also branched out I have made Jesse several different skirts and skorts, appliqued t-shirts for holidays, made Duece countless pairs of shorts, and well every John-John Cooper wears is made my your truly. I even made Cooper a diaper bag and also made the kids teachers Christmas gifts this year. I seem to be all over the place with this and not hardly related any of it to my title....Maybe I should have called this post sewing rambling! Ok I said all that to say this...Sewing can be expensive and time consuming but it can also save you tons of money and it is a way to better control the "style" your children wear. I have a friend who sews shorts for her handicap daughter so they better fit her. I know of people who sew so they can have a more modest dress for their child. I even know people who sew just to have fun. But here lately I have been sewing to save money. I do this by being a smart fabric shopper. If I like something and it is more that about $5 a yard I will wait until the store has a sale. I know some people think you should use more expensive fabric...But I can't I am doing this to save me money and so far it has. I have sewn Jesse 3 skorts at a total cost of about $15 that is 5 bucks each and shorts well those are cheap cheap it only takes 1 yard to make Duece a pair so if you are smart the cost about $4-5. I have already shared how much I save on John-Johns. And get this I will be making both Jesse and Cooper's Easter duds for....DRUM ROLL PLEASE about $20! Now that is saving if you ask me.
I have other ways I have been saving money and from now on I will be sharing them with you. Maybe my "tips" can help someone.

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