Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Me-0 Enemy -1

I think this week takes the cake! I mean what else could happen. First Monday was Monday Cooper was whiny whiny on a trip to Hobby Lobby (love that place and loved that I had a gift card). On the way home from school Duece started to vomit and then when we got home Jesse joined in. For the next 24 hours the tummy virus had 2 more victims! I mean all I can say is YUCK and now "who is going to do all that laundry!" By Tuesday afternoon Duece was on the mend and I was so grateful for that. Michael ended up being off that day due to SNOW which I am so sick of...Days like that totally affect our income! And to top off Tuesday Cooper meet his Speech Language Pathologist. I thought he would show out real big and her leave telling us how smart he was and that her services were not needed. But NOPE we got different news...Our sweet boy has only mastered that of a 12 month old on language and on comprehension. All I know is I can't wait to be able to communicate with him with out us both walking away crying! Duece was able to go back to school today for Wacky Wednesday. I kept Jesse home to make sure she was all better. But this afternoon was the worst. Cooper wouldn't let me put him down, Jesse and Duece were fighting...I seriously thought they might hurt each other. So I sent them to separate corners. The best part of today was Jesse and Duece got to go and pick up their new glasses YAY:) Today's or this weeks cherry on top...My washer died I mean completely UGH! I have already solved this problem thanks to a wonderful friend who had a "spare"one in her shop. I am so excited to get it up here this weekend and wash this laundry mountain.

My momma said there'd be days like these...days like these my momma said! (Isn't that a song) I know most of you don't really care what kind of week I have had. But, I wanted to use this as a chance to share about the Enemy! You know the Bible says he is sent here to steal, kill and destroy. And sometimes it seems he is working over time in my life and in yours. We are not to fear God is just one bent knee or bowed head away. I know I am saying all of this to myself mostly. I just think sometimes we need to remember to put the enemy in their place. I thought he had won this time...But no way! My God is here to help me through ANYTHING broken washer and all. He wants me to ask him about everything in my life. I think sometimes that is my problem I don't always ask HIM for advice even when I know I should. Tomorrow is a new day and the score board will be wiped clean! So watch out Satan I am back and I have an army to protect me!

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  1. Be strong. You can do ALL things through Him that gives you strengh. ((hugs))