Thursday, February 4, 2010

Say My Name Say My Name...

Who remembers that song by Destiny's Child? I do I can also remember dancing around my bedroom singing this song into my hairbrush. I don't remember all the lyrics but I remember that line from the chorus!

The other day I realized that most of Cooper's vocabulary is made up of peoples names and he LOVES to say peoples names! I spent all day here at the house with him and we spent the better part of an hour saying peoples names. I would say "Say Jesse" and he would respond "Esse" or I would say "Say Duece" and he would respond "Uce". This was so much fun and it was neat to see how many names he was able to actually say. It was great it totally made my day!

Then just this morning while I was chatting it up on the phone with Linds he was in the floor rolling around saying "Ola" over and over and over! "Ola" is how he pronounces his BFF's name Lola. He must have been board because he was just saying it and wouldn't stop! I think his little mind was thinking "Hey lady get off the phone and find me someone to play with!"

If you are ever down stop by and play this game with Cooper yourself...There is nothing like hearing his most precious voice say your name or well any ones for that matter!

Just for fun this is a short list of the names he can say and his pronunciations. Oh and for the record he says "Momma and Dadda" just regular and he is always saying those two names for sure!
Izzie the dog=Dooooog
This is just a few and these are people he sees alot! Most of them he knows because I have worked with him and because we went over every single person we know that day we were playing the "Name Game". Can't wait to see how he pronounces other names and things later!

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