Saturday, February 20, 2010

In Memory of PawPaw

This week my family experienced a lose. Michael's PawPaw (Bob Roberts) passed away this Monday at the age of 85. He had been suffering for so long we are happy in the fact that now he is in heaven with his full body and mind restored.

He will be greatly missed at our house not only by Michael but also by myself and our children. PawPaw was a wonderful loving, Godly man. He was never angry, never said a cross word...Always gentle and kind and very compassionate. My life I know was truly blessed to have known him.

I wanted to take a minute and share a memory of him with you...

In November of 2008 Jesse was having Veteran's Day at her school. She decided to invite a very special Veteran to be her guest...She invited PawPaw. She was thrilled when he accepted. He dressed in patriotic (seeing as his old Navy duds no longer fit) colors and wore his metals. He and Jesse enjoyed the musical performance before being part of the parade that went around her school. Children who didn't have a visiting Veteran lined the halls and waved flags as the other children and their Veteran's paraded around the school. This was a long walk and PawPaw had bad knees, but he never once complained and smiled the whole long way. Jesse was so proud as she held his had and walked around the school. But no one was more proud than PawPaw. He would talk about how sweet it was of Jesse to invite a "old man" to join her. I know this small event meant alot to him and will always be a special memory for all of us of PawPaw.

I was hoping to share a photo from this day with you but blogger said my file was corrupt. So sorry!

Our PawPaw was very special to us and he will be very missed around here. PawPaw we love you and you are never far from our minds.

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