Sunday, February 22, 2009

My little list

Some people who are reading this blog know me really well and other not so much... If you know me you know my hubby says I am a list-a-holic. I make list on list on list it is my thing I don't know why I do it or why I started. But it seems like my whole life is a big long list. My little blue planner is full of lists this is one of my OCD traits. But I thought I would put those skills to good use and share a couple of my favorite things maybe they can help you or even give you a laugh.

1.Fisher Price Cradle Swing- Michael and I recommend it to all of our friends with babies, Cooper is still using his don't know what we will do when he out grows it.
2. Mr.Clean cleaner with Febreeze you can clean anything with it. I bought the spray bottle of it once and now when I run out buy the big bottle and dilute it for refills.
3. Scrubbing Bubbles and Magic Eraser- spray scrubbing bubble in shower/tub let sit about 10 min then just wipe with eraser and rinse try it you'll never go back to anything else.
4. My $7 planner from wal-mart it is the best.
5. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer any scent
6. Southern lights candles.
7. My new translation of the Bible- The Message
8. The $5 car wash with free vac in town
9. Burt's Bee's
10. Ink pens and note pads (how else do you think I make all of those lists)


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