Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When it's said and done...

NO "THING" will really matter!

I was recently down right offended when I posted on fb that Michael was praying and waiting for a word from God on whether or not to look for a new job. You see their comment went a little something like " your kids are older now...they can go back to school and you can get a JOB!" Seriously! I couldn't believe my eyes as I read the comment over and over in an attempt to make my blood stop boiling. Because first of all peer-pressure is less the older you correction it is worse. And second because nothing about my post should have lead a soul to believe we were starving and about to be homeless (neither of which are anywhere near the case). The comment got me thinking not about going back to work which I would do in a minute flat if it came to that, but about the fact that when it all boils down we have chosen a path others think is less desirable.

We have chosen not to focus on the "things" of this world but to focus on God. "It's not what you have but who you have in this world that matters!" We have gone against the mainstream listening to God's call for me to stay at home, home school our children and leave family planning up to Him. Most people would look at our "books" and think we are crazy;) And that is okay...the only real opinion that matters is God's of course. Money is tight over here and I have never hid that. But the sacrifices we make now will all be worth it in the future. I promise we would live in a shack before we spent one more minute trying to achieve the "American Dream." Just can't do it anymore...could care less what the Jones are doing or driving or buying their kids. I know just like I know that the grass is green that one day my children will be left with something special because we chose to give them our time, love and affection and not material things.

After the fb comment I realized just how passionate I was about what we have chosen to do. And quite honestly I am sick and tired of being judged for my choice. Over time God gives me little "hugs" or blessings that confirm it is He who had spoken those things into my heart and I am thankful. We are so blessed to have been given 3 children (so far) to love and raise. We only get one chance at this thing and want to make it count.

So we chose to set "our sights on the unseen for those things are eternal."

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