Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Love One Another

When asked what the greatest command was Jesus said "to love one another...your neighbor as yourself." (Paraphrase compliments of yours truly) Then my pastor taught that as a Christian your debt to this world is LOVE. Seems plain and simple to me! Why is it then that people seem to think different when I stand up for what I believe? Why can't they seem to understand that I can LOVE a person even if I don't agree with their choices or opinions?

Seems like my LOVE or rather my ability to LOVE has been tested over the past few weeks not once but several times. As a national debate waged on Gay Marriage I decided to still support said fast food chain not necessarily because my belief lined up with theirs but because as a Christian organization they chose not to back down from what they believe is right and true. People said those of us in support where guilty of "hate and judgement"! I was appalled! You stand up for what you believe in and it is free speech we stand up for what we believe in and it is hate? I posted a fb status a little like this " I don't have to agree with what a person does to love them. The command was simple LOVE! With the same passion you believe what you believe I also believe what I believe. And to quote a rather smart guy " I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I refuse to change the subject!" My LOVE was tested again when a family member made a choice for their family that was not one I agreed with as a matter of fact went against everything I believe. But I respected their choice and even kept my opinions to myself (not that any were needed they already knew how I felt). During what was one of the hardest times in their life I loved them and prayed for them.

That is the thing with Loving like Jesus loved us... You don't have to agree with a person to love them. He loved us even before we were born and went to a cross so that we would NEVER have to pay the price of our sin. NOW THAT IS LOVE. Love without conditions, love without reward, love beyond understanding, all consuming love! Why is it so hard for others to believe that if we are called to be like Jesus and follow those commands we are capable of that same love? Come lets just love one another despite our differences!

Not to curve too far off course but I want to clear one thing up about love. It has been said that if I "loved" one person or another I might do more to help them in their situation. I like how my pastor puts it " you can love them but don't have to take them home to raise." That is a wonderful way to look at things. Take them to lunch, give them a ride, pray for them and their family but not take them on as a project. I personally struggle with the part of love. I like to fix things, I can't stand to see someone struggle if it is a need that I can meet. But the truth is even if I can meet the need it isn't always my place to do so.

I just wanna love! I wanna love like others love me! I wanna love like Jesus did! The command really was simple....LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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