Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bet you didn't see this one coming...

On July 1, 2011 Michael and I signed a one year contract on a house that we loved in hopes that when he had been at his "new" job long enough (now is current job) we might be able to buy said house. If nothing else we would possibly even owner finance what we believed to be the best house for this season of our lives. When we packed up and walked away from our other rental we thought we were moving to possibly a forever home. Or at least a 5 yr plan kind of home:) We didn't and couldn't have imagined what the year would hold. And now almost 1 year to the day later I find myself in my living room with barren walls and boxes lining every single empty wall in my house....we are moving again! One door closes and God opens another one and this is the story of how it came to be and how wonderful and MIGHTY our GOD really is!

So about 2 months after moving to this house we got some horrible financial news that would impact our income for at least 18 months but more like 2 yrs. We were devastated but determined to keep this house. We did ok for months then things got REALLY REALLY tight. My sweet husband was and still is working 7 days a week to make ends meet and we are still falling very very short. We went from being very comfortable in our lives to not being able to breath and in a very scary place a place we had never been before. Fast forward several months to the beginning of June. A gentleman Michael works for on the weekends approached him about a rental house they had. The name told Michael "that they had been praying for the right family and we were that family." Of course hearing the price and knowing how much money we would save made it a really good idea.  But because of how much we loved where we were currently live it wasn't black and white to us. Our flesh really wanted to stay here. So I asked a friend at church to pray with us about a decision we were about to have to make. I told her how this man had approached us and she said "she had been praying for us a new house for months." In that moment I realized that before she even knew my need, before I knew my need God had spoke to her and told her what to pray! It was like God was using these people to show us in the flesh what He had in store. We prayed about it and decided to move. And God has been ordaining every single step of the way. And He never stops amazing me. As a matter of fact this move was in jeopardy of not happening when I asked a friend to pray and someone showed up to meet the very need we had to make this happen!

No I don't want to move but who is going to argue with God. We know this is a door that only God can open because only He can work like this to make sure all the details are taken care of. I am so overwhelmed by His love and how He is holding us up during a very emotional time.

I guess if you walk away from this post and remember anything I want it to be...God loves all of us just this much. I mean He sent us a house and was working out the details before we even knew we needed a house. If you lean on Him He will do all the work for you...just believe! I am still in awe how everything is working. I am grateful for the door He opened for this season that lead us to this house but I am also excited about this new door leading us to another house. He sure is good and He is so much better and writing the book of my life than I could ever be.

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