Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Works For Me Wednesday- Snack Mix

I have been buying a "Sweet-N-Salty" snack mix at my local Dollar Tree for months now. It happens to be the ONLY pre portioned snack I buy! It is an okay deal 4 in a pack for $1. But I have to buy like 4 packs for our family since Michael takes them in his lunch. Much to my surprise and upset they haven't had them in weeks and don't know when they will be getting more. I was so sad so using the ingredients that are normally found in the mix I thought I would make my own. I bought all the ingredients at the Dollar Tree but the peanuts were small cans so I think I would have come off better if I bought those where you can get a larger quantity:) But my grand total was about $7 and I was able to make just over 20 bags. I didn't figure in the cost of the snack size baggies b/c I keep those here to package my own snacks anyway! I think if we hadn't of snacked on it before I started packaging it I could have gotten more bags out of it. Side note the most expensive thing was the M&M's which you could totally leave out. Total per snack was about .30-.35 cents not bad for nuts!

Salted Peanuts
Cashew Pieces (instead of almonds since we don't think those)
Sunflower Kernels
Mix everything in a large bowl then scoop desired amount into snack size baggies.
I used snack size bag and put 1/4 a cup of the mix in it.
Here are the bags all lined up. I stored all of them in a larger Ziploc!

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