Friday, July 6, 2012


Seems like forever since I took the time to up date everyone on all our "madness". With a move, swim team, unpacking, setting up house, and looking at curriculum for next year there just hasn't been a seconds time for updating this lonely little blog. I have come to find out several people actual read this thing:) So I thought I better get back to it.

We have been here at the "country house" for 3 weeks tomorrow. We are so in love with both our new location and with our new home. It is such a wonderful place for us to practice making our lives a little more simple like we want. I am working so hard to get things all "set up" so I can share pictures with you all. I am working hard to have everything done in time for Coopers upcoming birthday party.
I am finally back at my sewing machine working HARD on a big order to recover a moses basket. I can't wait to share what I come up with and possibly add it to my shop! I have been BUSY BUSY turning out birthday gifts for the many parties we have attended the last couple months;) I love being able to create something personal for gift giving.

Exciting things seem to always be happening around here these days. My family has been asked to care for a sweet sweet 1 month old baby girl named Ryleigh. Her mom is a special person to us and it is our pleasure to look after this angel and love on her. My kids say they are practicing for when God blesses our family with another treasure. I have to admit Michael and I really do enjoy looking after her;)

Not much more to update! I think I have about covered it all. I am praying things will settle down enough that I will be able to update more regular. I would love to share more about our journey homeschooling and the road to simplifying our lives. Keep reading you never know what kind of "madness" awaits here at the McClendons!

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