Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Works for Me Wednesday-Snack Cups

 A few weeks back I did a post on ways we save money and one thing I mentioned was that I don't by proportioned snacks because they cost so much more. But my kids love Jello and Pudding but making and storing it in large bowls takes up alot of room in my fridge. So I had an idea to save space and money I wanted to make my own. For the cost of 1 4-pack of jello or pudding ($1.20) I can make 5 snack cups of my own. I am not counting the cost of the containers which are a one time cost and can be used over and over again. I only paid $1.00 a pack of 5 for these bowls I snagged at my local "Dollar Tree". I am going to get more because all me have made so far is Jello and I want to also make pudding.

Here is a photo of the lable that was on the snack cups. I found them in the baby section of the store!
Here is a photo of the bowl so you can get an idea on the size perfect for snack sized portions:)

Pack of Jello .60 cents fills 5 cups. Mix jello according to package directions.
Use a ladle to fill the cups up with the desired amount of jello.

After all my cups are filled I place them in the fridge to set up without the lid on them. Once they are set I snap on the lids.

There you have it a ready made snack for about .12 cents a cup compared to .30 cents for the ones you get at the store so that is half the price!

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