Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guess What...

We are moving! I can't believe it after 5 years at our current address we are moving on. We will be staying in the same city but have found a home to better suit our needs. It is almost perfect for us and with the addition of a fence and a couple trees in the future it will be just what we need.

I have to admit that while I couldn't be happier about the new place I am mildly sad leaving this one. We moved here when Duece was just 2 years old and Jesse was about to begin Kindergarten. This is where we brought Cooper home from the hospital and we Michael and I have grown in our faith and as a couple. I have a tingle in my heart that as the last box is packed and the doors shut and lock behind us I might be a little sad!

But in the mean time...The moving madness must begin. I am on a mission to clean this house this week so that next week I can start packing from nice clean rooms. I intend to as I pack go through and purge any and all unused items. If we haven't used them here we will not be using them there. I think the local rescue mission store will be getting a LARGE donation:) I have to get a serious move on because we are moving in...JUST TWO WEEKS 15 DAYS TO BE EXACT!

So who wants to help...I can feed you!

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