Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer structure...not free for all

Oh yeah summer is in full swing down here in Alabama complete with 90 degree and 100% humidity! School has been out of just about a month now and when it started I decided not to let my family fall into the old routine of "lazy summer syndrome" you know the parenting part of us that wants to let the kids sleep in and do nothing. Oh no that was not going exist around here not this summer. I have always been a firm believer in keeping my kids "busy" so they don't fall into laziness and boredom. So I have structured out somethings for us! We signed up for swim team, are planning a couple day trips when swim is over, taking a vaca to an annual Methodist Conference, and we are summer homeschooling to try it out to see if we want to make a way of life. And several other little things.

Now I know not everyone shares my opinion on keeping your kids busy. But I am a firm believer in the old saying "idol hands do the devils handy work". I believe nope scratch that I know if left the their own vices most children at some point would get into mischief and or act out. All children need structure of some sort ALL the time. School or no school they need to know what is happening and when...Thus NO free for all around here. We begin most days ( I say most because if my children have sleep over company I let the "schooling" go for a day) with breakfast followed by a writing assignment and then some reading and math work in their workbooks. Then we move on to chores. Then we are off to swim practice. So on and so forth I am sparing you the other details:) This has been working wonderfully for us. I am so glad to be offering this to my children. A little side note would be that I have always keep my children busy...I believe they need those opportunities to shape who they become.

There are many in this world who might think I am a lazy parent because I choose for my children to be at these activities. And to them I would say "WHAT" who do you think drives them there, sits through the activity, chases the toddler, and helps them practice LOL. For a couple of short hours everyday my children my not be with me...But that doesn't make me lazy! I am still the one giving them 90% of their care and meeting ALL their needs.

Enjoy your summer it will be over soon! And if you live in Bama stay cool;)

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