Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Today we celebrate our countries Independence...As an American this entitles us to many freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. So today as you eat that all that yummy BBQ, hug friends and family, and enjoy your fireworks please don't forget to pray for all the men and women who make all those freedoms possible.
My family is celebrating to with friends. These friends are like family to us and we are happy to spend the day with them! We are going to enjoy a meal of pork, baked beans, corn, cucumber/tomato salad, apple pie and homemade ice cream...I almost forgot homemade salsa and chips. YUMMY We are also having the return of the redneck slip-in-slide. It is going to be TONS of fun. Then we will go to Michael's grandmothers at dark for the annual fireworks celebration. This is a long running tradition for his family that is being carried on with our children. It was always Michael's Pawpaws "thing" he would make a huge deal of the holiday and he himself would shop for all the fireworks and he would make his famous homemade orange sherbet. This year the celebration will be missing Pawpaw and most likely his sherbet. I know Michael will miss Pawpaw like crazy. But I am sure he is in heaven enjoying his own fireworks. It might not be the same with out him but his memory and tradition live on.
Happy 4th of July everyone...Enjoy every minute of it with the ones you love!

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