Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Wow what a great trip we just returned home from....My family (all 5 of us) traveled to Charleston West Virgina for a Aldersgate Conference. What is that you ask? It is a United Methodist conference on spirit filled living. We have been blessed to be able to attend the last two years. It is a chance for us to be with like minded people that share our beliefs and learn more about being empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Michael and I are kind of new to this spirit guided lifestyle! LOL What I mean is until we were blessed by the arrival of our newest pastor who is ON FIRE for Jesus and helped usher a new found fire inside of Michael and I we hadn't heard/learned much if anything about being spirit filled. Now that is our one desire is for our lives and the lives of our children to be spirit filled and driven. We know we serve a God who IS and not a God who was or is going to be...He is and he can do the things he says he can do and he WILL do the things he says he will do. I know this first hand by two recent healing in my family.

Being Christan parents is something very important to us and going to this conference always fills us up just a little more so we have plenty to pour out to our children but also to others and our community.

I am blessed to serve a risen Savior and having weekends like this one just affirm that fact even more. I would love to blog more about the Aldersgate ministry so I might just do that one day! It is something near and dear to my heart as I believe God is calling us his church to rise up and do the things he said we could do!

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