Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To Paint or Not to Paint...That is the question?

So I read this blog all the time and I love the inside look she gives to her everyday life. Just today she posted this blog all about her new eye shadow. Funny that she posted that when I had been asking myself To paint or not to paint...the barn as they say;) I am I know before you all comment young but my face is really starting to show the stress of my life. I use to and by that I mean in High School wear make up and my mother was one who got up every morning and almost never left the house without a "full face on". But once I became a mother shower and dressing were are enough forget make up. Plus I had been told what a wonderful complection I had and that I didn't need make up. Yeah I own an entire drawer full but have never been faithful about using anything other than moisturizer and lip balm. Like I said my face is showing the years ladies and I have been wondering if makeup should be an everday thing like my routine (thanks to the get dressed challenge) to GET DRESSED!?!?! Am I vain for even caring about what my face looks like? Hum uh NO! So I was wondering what my sistas out there do? Do you "paint the barn" everyday? Do you do it for you or the hubby? I can't decide if I really need it or not but I know one thing...age and stress are not face friendly! Thoughts friends?

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