Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sewing closet

On yesterday's post I talked about trying to get myself more organized...I should have started all that today but hubby is working and I don't like to tackle the big jobs alone;)

I did however want to share with you my lasted organizing endeavor...I am getting rid of my sewing room and turning it back into Coopers room. Duece and Cooper have shared a room for just over a year and it is not working out. For one Cooper is scared of the beds in there and says he wants his crib back (which was a toddler bed when we took it down) so now he is sleeping in his pack-n-play in my bedroom. He also will not play in there he says it is Duece's room. So with homeschooling next year I decided that I wanted the boys to have separate spaces so that they have their own "corners" to retreat to after spending hours together. My sewing room is a mess and I have my work cut out for me! My great friend Lindsey has offered to help and I know her mad organizing skills joined with those of my other great friend Brandy could really help me turn my hall closet in to the most wonderful "sewing closet" there ever was! Watch out you two I will be calling on you for help...that is if I ever get motivated enough to start!

I was wondering if any of you reading had any good ideas on ways we can out fit that closet to keep it well organized for CHEAP!!!

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  1. Turn me loose! You know I love a good organizing project. I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets and reorganized them yesterday. Now, my bathroom is still filthy, but everything I need to clean it is now reachable. Baby steps, I tell you.

    My suggestion for changing over your closet would be to first "shop" your house for containers into which all your doodads and notions can be sorted. After that, I recommend devising a simple shelving and/or hanging system so that everything is easy to reach and see.