Monday, September 27, 2010

Ten years ago...

Ten years ago today I became a parent with the birth of my daughter Jesse-Grace or Jesse as she now wishes to be called. I was a YOUNG mother and Michael and I not yet married (oh close your lip you knew this) it was I have to say the happiest and scariest day of my life. I was so overcome by joy, love and fear as I held my sweet baby and looked into her eyes. I know that God chose me to be her mother for all his reasons not mine. I know he knew the plans surrounding her conception and birth and I know he knows where she is going. I am so blessed to be the mother of this wonderful young lady!

Jesse was the only grandchild my mother ever got to meet...I am overcome with emotion today thinking what my mom would think of who she is becoming. And how proud she would be of Jesse's recent choice to serve her King Jesus and her example of water baptism.

Jesse is full of attitude as all girls her age are. And as each day passes myself and Michael become the biggest dorks on this planet. But the joy this child as brought me and so many others is worth all the attitude in the world. I thank God everyday for Jesse and for blessing me with this opportunity to be her mother. Happy Birthday Jesse we love you:)

Jesse shares this special birthday with her late cousin Cameron Bryant Winn. Jesse was born on his first birthday and one year later just before turning two he passed away. I remember his sweet face and spirit and I love his mother so much. I know we were all blessed to have known this child no matter how short a time it was we had to spend with him. Happy Birthday Cameron could you do Jesse and I a favor and give her Nonnie a big hug for us?!?

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