Friday, April 16, 2010

Showering My Teachers With Gifts

Well with the end of this school year drawing to a close it is time to get down to business....Teacher gifts!

I not only like to give my teach a gift at Christmas and End of the Year...But I LOVE to do something all 5 days of teacher appreciation week. So I ask you what are some cute, cheap and useful gift ideas. Remember we are talking on gift a day for 5 days so it doesn't have to be "big". I am saving the "big" one for the end of the year:)

Here are a couple of ideas I had...
1.) "Monogrammed" Notepad with pen- Which I can make myself!
2.) Nice hand soap and lotion
3.) 1 Monogrammed hand towel- for use at home or in classroom
4.) Hand written note-Which if I was the teacher would LOVE
5.) Chocolate :)

Ok those are my ideas come on and share yours. Also visit for other ideas she is Linking up on this subject today!

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